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Order your Skikes online here at SkikeCanada.ca before March 31st 2017 and get a free Skike gift !

Skike RollerSki Equipment for Sale     

The Skike rollerski has two wheels attached to a solid support base used for the shoe of the skier. Designed to roll on asphalt, Skike V07 can be used on all terrains and dirt roads. You can buy the rollerski equipment and accessories directly online. We have a good inventory of rollerskis (Skike) for sale, in addition to offering sound advice in the choice of equipment that will meet your needs, depending on your type of workout.               

Skike Telescopic Pole with Wrist Strap and Ferrule, to Practice your Sport during Summer

Skike telescopic Poles are an essential component to the practice of roller skiing as well as Nordic walking. They are equipped with wrist straps and a special tip (ferrule) in order to practice this sport, both on asphalt and in the mountains. The Skike pole is lightweight because it is made of carbon fiber. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of using this equipment while training during the summer.  

Ask the Expert in Roller Skiing - Phil Shaw, Elite Cross Country Ski Racer at Worldloppet

To choose your rollerskis, consult an expert who has been practicing the sport since the 1970's. Phil Shaw is an elite cross country ski racer at Worldloppet. He does not just sell rollerski equipment, he offers initiation lessons to the sport and more advanced lessons on roller skiing. Furthemore, Phil is a certified Skike instructor.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite racer, Phil Shaw has the knowledge and the inventory of Skikes to suit your tastes and your needs.      

In 1975, the beaver became The official symbol of Canada. Well, as you may know, the beaver has many qualities. They are said to be the workaholics of the animal world. Known for being determined, organized, and structured, beavers also create a community which supports the growth and flow of the environnement around it and works endlessly to achieve that goal.

We at Skike Canada salute all hard working beavers, human, real and especially those most animated.


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